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Motorcyclist Seriously Injured in 100 mph Crash in Chula Vista

Share This Article:CHP officers examine the wrecked motorcycle on Interstate 805. Courtesy OnScene.TVA motorcyclist was seriously injured Wednesday morning in a high-speed...


Seattle wants to require gun lock boxes

Connelly: Tables have turned on gun...

Trump to punish China on trade as US companies fear backlash

Farmers, electronics retailers and other US businesses are...

Fox News contributor quits over Trump administration coverage

NEW YORK — A military analyst for Fox News said Tuesday that he was quitting...

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Kids start caring about their reputations as early as kindergarten

Long before kids are old enough to start collecting "likes" on social media, they do appear to care what others think about them. Not only that,...



Healthcare Dashboards: Examples of Visualizing Key Metrics & KPIs

The world of healthcare analytics is vast and can encompass a wide variety of organizations and use cases: from hospitals to medical equipment manufacturers, emergency rooms to intensive care units. And while some of...

Biden says he would have ‘beat the hell’ out of Trump back in high school

Former Vice President Joe Biden ​didn’t pull any punches when he told an anti-sexual assault...

Son of legendary surfer pleads guilty in murder-for-hire plot

A Californian who hails from a heralded Orange County surfing dynasty pleaded guilty to a...

Cougar killed after sauntering into motel

This Oregon motel had quite an unusual four-legged guest. A 2-year-old cougar made its way into...